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Life, Etc.

While we created this space to keep our loved ones up to date on our long-term dreams and goals, it is sometimes difficult to find material to write about when our day-to-day lives fill up with finite and menial things. That, combined with our busy schedules has meant that updates have been on the back burner for a long while now.

Though the past 6 months have been busy and full, not a whole lot has happened pertaining specifically to our goals of owning land, building a home, and living the simpler life. We have continued to learn all that we can and strive to simplify our life, but alas, it seems the day-to-day business of work and school has taken precedence. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that 2014 is already half over!

After returning from a magical 3 weeks in Europe last December, I jumped back into school, carrying 20 and 18 credits the last two quarters, respectively, and I even walked with my graduating class this past weekend! I still have 1 more class to complete before finishing my degree, but the end of the road has never looked closer!


Ben has been extremely busy with work, has been put on two new projects at his company, and has officially launched his freelance business, Farhner Manufacturng Company, taking on multiple new clients and generally rocking the face of the internet with his magical websites. 😉

The progress toward purchasing property has been slow-going thus far, especially in terms of finding suitable land, but it all is about to take a giant leap forward. As we mentioned in a previous post, this fall we plan to move into an apartment-like space in our parents’ house in order to kick our savings into high gear. During that time, we are eagerly looking forward to implementing as much as we can of what we’ve learned of gardening, farming, and living more simply.

Just because we don’t have our own land yet doesn’t mean we can’t make use of the knowledge and skills God has given us! Our parents already have a substantial garden, but with the extra help around the house and property, we hope to expand this and also begin raising chickens, bees, and perhaps even meat rabbits! We are very excited to begin living more off the land and living in community.


  1. Dad says:

    Ari – it has been a while since I checked out the website. Amazing! Your posts (especially this one) (and Ben’s) lead me to conclude that you both are thoughtful and creative writers. Your graduation picture with Ben is beautiful – much better than the one we got off the computer live stream during Commencement. Your dreams and goals stated in various posts remind me of me – still dreaming and planning for a glorious future in the Kingdom. You make me very proud. Much love to your both. Dad

  2. Dad says:

    Make that – Much Love to you both! Dad

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