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 » A New Season, A New Normal

A New Season, A New Normal

Recently a post circulated Facebook about Seattle and the coming of Fall rains and how comforting they seem to be to us native Seattleites. I found it surprisingly true. Though we long for the warm Summer months and often complain of the dreary skies come April, the transition from Summer into Fall brings a certain level of familiarity and comfort and routine back into our otherwise busy lives.

Ben and I are similarly working on our own transition to cultivating a new routine, a new normal, if you will. We recently moved from our apartment in the city to a mother-in-law apartment in the “country” on the property of our parents with the goal of simplifying our lives, boosting our savings, being closer to family, and working towards our goal of purchasing property debt-free.

Another transition we are eagerly anticipating is the transition to parenthood. Sometime this October we will be welcoming our first child into our family!


We had clearly heard from God that this move was what He wanted for us, but I admit it was a tough decision knowing we’d be incorporating two big life events into the same short period of time: moving and having a baby. The blessings we’ve seen so far have confirmed that this was the right thing to do, however, and we are content.

So now, instead of morning commute traffic and sirens waking us up along with the soft Seattle drizzles each morning, we have the sounds of sheep and birds and the occasional (constant?) rooster waking us up in the morning. And soon we’ll add to that a cooing babe (though the babe won’t be regulated by the solar pattern for a while!).

It’s definitely a change, but a welcome one, for sure, just like the recent switch to cooler weather and rains, signaling the onset of fall and a change of season.


  1. Dad says:

    Ari and Ben – congratulations! Wonderful news. Please let me know when #10 arrives . . . Love to you both. Dad

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