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When the going gets tough

A few kind souls have asked for a house update, so here goes…

June 14 we became home owners. Today is July 26. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd still be living sporadically without running water or a proper lavatory. But that's the nature of home remodels sometimes, especially the DIY kind!

With the help of our family, we've done a LOT of work on the house to get it as close to our dream home as possible. More work than we originally planned to do prior to move in, in fact. We are incredibly thankful to have encountered as few snags along the way as we have (no asbestos, no active mold, no infestations), which is amazing given our house is 95 years old! And while we're still thrilled at what it will look like in the end, if I'm honest, the going is getting pretty tough.

Ben took two weeks off work during which we tiled over 400 square feet of the house. It took us way longer than we anticipated and was thoroughly exhausting (and minus the small project to achieve a subway tile backsplash, I swear I am never installing tile ever again!). Since then, Ben has been thrown back into projects at work and I'm doing my best to keep house, parent Eila, make sure everyone eats three square meals and has clean underwear each morning, and keep the momentum of home renovations going.

It's tough. We're in the "finishing drywall" portion of the project before we can paint, which means drywall dust everywhere. Making breakfast is an ORDEAL, since everything has to be draped in plastic sheeting and drop cloths to keep from getting covered in dust, so I have to first uncover everything, clean the counter, then retrieve food from the fridge on the porch before I can begin to make a meal.

The to-do list also never actually gets shorter. Each little thing checked off somehow creates another line item that must be finished. And each item has to be done before another can be completed. Add to that the conundrum that there are some things I can't muscle through myself, can't do while Eila is in the house, or can't do while she's clinging to my leg, begging for attention. In all, it's slow going, and getting pretty exhausting.

Our Pinterest boards full of shiplap and barn doors will someday come to fruition, and hopefully sooner than later, but for now, that's where we're at!

Here's a photo that sums it all up.

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